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Sentinel Custom Graphics

Custom is Our Middle Name!
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We Do Not  reproduce any copyrighted material. Please don't ask. 














If you're a Luthier, or just restoring your guitar

and want the very best in Waterslide Decals,


We have supplied decals to some famous names in music and their Luthiers.

Worldwide sales...

We offer complete design services. Have an idea for your logo? Let us bring it to life.

Already have your logo designed and just need them produced? We can help! 


Waterslide decals in the following colors:


                • Metallic Gold or Silver   
                • White
                • Gold or Silver Foil
                • Standard color such as Black, Red, Green etc.



Decals Attributes

                • Completely opaque print (Can be applied on Black Headstocks)
                • Individually packaged
                • Clear coated for protection.
                • Multiple decal discounts
                • Free decal application fluid with $200.00 purchase 


      Display Your Guitar!


Are you ready to put the finishing touch on your dream guitar and make it come to life?

Then Contact us for a free quote.


Authorized Distributor for


Pre - SLOTTED and Un - Slotted Bone Nuts for:

 Fender, Martin, Gibson,Taylor, Fender Bass Guitars




Vinyl Decals

Custom Made Vinyl Decals for windows or your vehicle  

  •  5 Year outdoor life. Unlimited indoor life
  • Many Color Choices
  • Metallic Vinyl in Gold, Silver (Mirror), Black...3 year outdoor life...Unlimited indoor life
  • Applications instructions  included.
  • Free Application squeegee with $100.00 purchase.

    Looking for Tee Shirts, Polo Shirts or Hoodies with your logo?

    A shirt can help promote your guitar line or company.



If you have a design to send. Use the email link below.



Monday-Thursday          10:00 AM- 3:00 PM est

Friday                    9:00 AM – 11:00 AM est

Closed Saturday and Sunday 



Email Your Design

Quote for Decals


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Join Jam Play Beginning to Advanced lessons on Guitar and Bass








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Please Note:  We Do Not  reproduce any copyrighted material. Please don't ask.

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