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Sentinel Custom Graphics

minimum decal order $55.00

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Whether  you're a Luthier building on your reputation, or a musician just restoring your favorite guitar, you'll want the very best in Waterslide Decals. We have supplied decals to some famous names in music and their Luthiers. 
We offer complete design services.  
Have an idea for your logo? 
    Let us bring it to life. 
Already have your logo designed and just need them produced?  
    We can help!  
Let us quote on your project today!   

Looking to add a Fender Licensed neck to your project?  Strat, Tele or Bass

Or how about a Zero Glide Nut Kit  
    For better tuning and better open string                 tone, We have 'em. 

And don't forget to put your Guitars on Display with our locking guitar display cabinets